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Hive Events are humorous, inclusive, versatile and engaging

What are Hive Events?

H – Humorous: Laughter holds social significance, boosts overall health and it feels good. Humour has been proven to be a gateway to stress relief, relieving anxiety and boosting morale. If an activity or task can be made to be enjoyable, then why not make it so?

I – Inclusive: Great things can be achieved when everyone feels happy to get involved. When people feel included it creates an atmosphere of collaboration and collectivity. The result of this can be the achievement of a common goal, increased confidence and feeling satisfied to be part of a group or team. 

V – Versatile: The ability to adapt to a situation or need is a strength. Having a range of options and scenarios means meeting different requirements and preferences is quicker and easier. As a multi-functional supplier, this is what we aim to provide to all of our customers looking for something new and interesting to enjoy. 

E – Engaging: Providing unique and enjoyable pursuits is the best way to ensure peoples active participation. Making activities relevant and fun attracts attention, occupies the mind and ensures long-lasting engagement. A small reward for taking part goes a long way too.

What you can expect from Hive Events

  • We have 10 years experience in event planning and 15 years in activity creation built on 20 years of friendship
  • Our party planning and event management services are trusted by hundreds of private and corporate clients, including the BBC, Manchester United, the NHS, Santander and Amazon.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and are committed to surpassing expectations from enquiry to event delivery.
  • You can rely on our trained activity facilitators and event hosts to lead you through your event from start to finish.
  • We only use high quality and reliable event venues and third party providers, which we can source for you as part of the service.

Let’s start planning your next event.

"Our staff really enjoyed the event. It was fun, interactive and the delivery was dynamic."

Manchester City Council

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